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  Here are some stories and poetry from around the world.  Some are completely new and some are retellings of stories you may have heard before.  If you would like to submit an original story of your own, email it to us at: Imagiverse - Team


Invisible Children by Tianna Sicilia
After viewing the documentary "Invisible Children", high school student Tianna wrote this moving poem.  It is about the "invisible children" of Africa and Tianna's desire to make a difference.

The Room by Lisa Schnaidt

Tahoe Memories by Craig W.

Tears Down My Cheek by Cristy T.

"Meant to Be" by Cristy T.

"A Mortifying Mistake" by Anna Maria Pratt


I Was There short stories about historical places by Luife Galeano

The Secret Cabinet of Doctor Ambrosius by Michael Dunev

Just Thirteen by Michelle LaGue

Shall We Dance? by Adriana Restrepo (United Nations) English version translated by Michelle Mock

Interactive Stories

Mars Story by Stephanie Wong and Michelle Mock with other contributions
Experience a planetary journey as intrepid adventurers, Califa Bolson and Gaea Violetta de Rossi, explore the planet, Mars in a fantasy adventure full of science facts.  You can even help make part of the story!!

Stories and Poems in Spanish

El gabinete secreto del doctor Ambrosius por Michael Dunev

¿Bailamos? por Adriana Restrepo (United Nations) versión en español

NOTE: All articles submitted to Imagiverse are to be exclusive to Imagiverse and not to be publicly redistributed or reposted through any Electronic means, and are the copyright of Imagiverse and its author.  It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that the material he/she is submitting is their original work, or has obtained permission from the author to submit his/her work to Imagiverse.  Articles that are written by children 13 years of age or younger must have parental or guardian authorization before they are submitted to Imagiverse.


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27 April 2007

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