"Meant to Be"

by Cristy T. (age 13)
Mexico City, Mexico

I couldn't die for you

Because I thought it was meant to be
because I loved you so much
still wondering tonight
as if sweet red lights dancing

easy to think
but not so much to feel it
painful and confusing
supposed for a considerated end
because I couldn't

time went on and on
thought myself
as someone brave in heart
right as my truth
honor in my jurement

beliving in
acting out
conflictment between
nothing as complicated
eyes watching from a microscope

because I couldn't cry enough
as I wanted
because it all was my mistake
my decision
and I couldn't cry it

deep, dark, happy and wrong
four things that happened as one
but can't be together
in the union

the beauty of the season
I'm the wind passing by
but just that

may it all be good as that
let it flow
stop to think it
feel it before
the red lights dance arround

your sincere smile at me
didn't felt as should
time told
laughing at me
fool you to believe in yourself
blind me who couldn't see
right as my truth

I couldn't die for you
tried but I couldn't
life comes clearer
changes, adapations
tried but I couldn't

how could I respond to your look
sad and down
fighting with myself
trying to find the justice
and got it wrong

you are still looking at me
can't answer
tears can't fall from my eyes
can't tell my feelings
and got it all wrong

and if I could just
cry you a little more
every day
it wouldn't feel so bad
because I loved you so much
and still
couldn't die for you
no matter what I wanted

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