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Many dedicated individuals have been involved in the creation, support and maintenance of Imagiverse.  What you see here has been a result of countless hours of brainstorming, planning and implementation in an effort to create a website that serves to educate and inspire children around the world.  Imagiverse Educational Consortium is the non-profit organization that supports the activities of our organization.  Below you will find the names of the individuals who have contributed to Imagiverse:

Michelle Mock took the idea of an educational website and made it into a reality.  She spearheads the progress of the site, contributing her diverse skills to the tasks at hand.  Michelle is ever-promoting and doing outreach for Imagiverse, and the success of the site is undoubtedly the fruit of her efforts.

Stephanie Wong has played a vital role in bringing up Imagiverse into what it is today.  She is the webmaster and contributor to both and the Imagiverse Educational Consortium at large.

Luis Flores is technical expert and Q&A manager, contributing his skills to various aspects of the site.

Gus Gonzalez is in charge of the accounting and organizational responsibility.  His expertise keeps Imagiverse running at the business level.

Without our Friends and Team, our site would not have been possible.  Our experts take time out of their busy schedules for the benefit of kids who want to learn.  In particular, we would like to thank the many people who have contributed to this team; to name a few, our ever-diligent translators over the years: Arnaud Le Floch, Raúl Quesada and Luís Felipe Díaz Galeano.

A heartfelt thank you to the former students of Montessori School of Corona who provided the inspiration which led to the creation of Imagiverse and to the current students for their enthusiasm and joy of learning which fuels the fire and keeps this site growing.


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30 July 2004

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