By chance, a group of explorers were brought together on the desolate Red Planet – Mars.  Humans have held this fourth planet from the sun in fascination since they first set their gaze to the sky.  What is this red star?  As we became aware of our celestial surroundings we began to see Mars as a planet, alike the other four lack-luster specks of light.  Soon, with telescopes used for astronomical purposes, we saw the Red Planet – an imperfect globe of varying color and texture.  Did it have seasons?  Did it have life?  All the while, we were mesmerized by thoughts of close encounters, vegetation, advanced societies along canals…..  But, on the day Mariner 4 flew by the planet and when Viking 1 set foot on Chryse Planitia 11 years later, we knew. Mars is desolate, a barren dry desert, incapable of supporting life as we know it.  Or is it?

Two travellers will embark on a journey on Mars, to once and for all solve the mysteries of the Red Planet.  There is no script.  There is no screenplay.  What Califa, Gaea and the others encounter will be entirely a surprise, like the spacecraft currently at Mars.  However, this fantasy tale will hold true to real science as much as possible.  We thank our scientific advisors, our technical crew, our illustrators and our writing team for making our out-of-this-world dream happen.


Note from the Authors:
(Stephanie Wong, along with contributions from Michelle Mock and the Imagiverse Team)

Mars Story is a work of fiction.  The characters and their adventurers are a product of our imaginations.  We believe that humans will one day explore Mars and other worlds.  The children of today will be the ones who can make it possible for people to reach other planets and explore in person.  The scientists and engineers of today, and people like the dreamers who are writing this story, can only lay the foundation for future human exploration and dream about what it would be like to visit for real!

So, join us on our adventure to Mars.  Find out how real science fuels our imagination and makes us wish we could travel in space and explore Mars in person.  Maybe one of our readers will be the first to set foot on Mars.  Maybe one of you will help to design the craft that will take humans beyond our moon and bring them safely back home.  We believe in you.  You will make our dreams come true.  We'll settle for that.


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