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The 7th and 8th grade students of Kim Yang in Taiwan have contributed postcards and interviews to Imagiverse and now they have agreed to be interviewed themselves.  Click on their names below to read more about these Ambassadors of Learning.  They are all learning English and work extra hard to read and write in English.  Imagiverse respects the difficulty of writing in a foreign language, especially when the character set is different.  For that reason, we have not corrected their grammar.

Carol Howard Jack Jackie
Jenny Judy Peggy
Peter Steven Sunny Winnie

Visit their contributions to the Imagiverse Country pages:

Egypt Singapore

See the postcards they have sent to Imagiverse:

Cambodia Egypt Hong Kong Iran Jordan
Nepal Singapore Taiwan Vatican City

Some of these students, and other students of Dr. Yang, even interviewed Imagiverse interviewee NASA astronaut Gregory H. Johnson.  They placed his interview on NASA postcards that they mailed to classrooms in other countries.  Their teacher Kim Yang wrote: "It was a very hard job for my students, because our members have kids from kindergarten ages to college ages.  The questions they made had to be easy ones, but yet interesting.  I am proud of my students.  Somewhere I felt a bit sorry for them, they were sweating 2 hours and 30 minutes in a hot classroom to discuss about the questions."

See Greg's Interview


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18 July 2007

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