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8th Grade Student

What is your earliest childhood memory?  About how old were you?

My kindergarten.  A teacher was very angry with me, and I did not know why.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I want to be a computer engineer.

What grade are you in and what are your favorite subjects in school?

I’m in the grade 8 and my favorite subject is computer.

What are your most difficult or most boring?

My most difficult subject is Art.  I’m bad at drawing pictures.

Was it difficult to learn English?  How many languages do you speak?

Yes.  Learning foreign languages are difficult for me. But I work hard to learn it.  I speak two languages.

What do you like to do outside school?

I like to play basketball with my friends.

In your school career so far, what was the most educational moment you can remember?

To participate in UNESCO projects.

What was your favorite school field trip or school activity up to this point?

I had a speech competition at the school.  But I lost at the end.

What do your parents think of the interviews you have done for Dr. Kim Yang's project?

They think it’s good to view the world through this project.

Do you have a favorite interview so far?  If so, who?

Yes. It was an interview with a teacher in Nepal.  I learned school life in Nepal.

What is your favorite quote?  Who said it?  Why is it your favorite?

Knowledge is power.  Bacon

If you have knowledge you can do many things. But if you don’t have it, you can’t do anything.

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- 20 June 2007


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20 June 2007

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