Text courtesy of Dr. Kim Yang and Students, BigAppleTree.

Students volunteering for BigAppleTree, interviewed Erich, a resident of Singapore.

Students: What is your nationality?

Erich: I am Austrian.

Students: Why did you decide to live in Singapore?

Erich: Singapore is the only place, which people really live together in peace.  It does not matter what your religion or nationality or ethnic group is, no one would ever criticize someone for his/her faith.  No matter where they are from or how rich or poor they are, they all live next to each other peacefully and respect each other.  I love the life in Singapore.

Students: How long have you been living in Singapore?

Erich: Nine years.  My profession is chef.  I left Europe in 1983 working for hotels around Asia.  Now, I have my own business, selling German/Austrian sausages in Singapore – Chinatown.

Students: Thank you, Erich!

Erich: You’re welcome!

Imagiverse thanks Dr. Kim Yang and students for sharing your interview with Erich with us!


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