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7th Grade Student

What is your earliest childhood memory?  About how old were you?

I remember my aunt taking care of me.  I love her very much.  She always came to pick me up from kindergarten.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I want to be a translator.

What grade are you in and what are your favorite subjects in school?

I'm in grade 7.  My favorite subjects are English and Chinese.

What are your most difficult or most boring?

I feel P.E. is difficult.  Because I don't like to exercise.

Was it difficult to learn English?  How many languages do you speak?

I think to speak English is a very difficult job.  I can speak two languages.

What do you like to do outside school?

I like to listen to music.  Listening to music relaxes me from bad things.

In your school career so far, what was the most educational moment you can remember?

To participate in UNESCO school projects.

What was your favorite school field trip or school activity up to this point?

To I-Lan. We went there for two days.  I think that's a very nice memory.

I won't forget it!

Did you experience any field trips that you did not like?  If so, why?

No,I didn't.

What do your parents think of the interviews you have done for Dr. Kim Yang's project?

They didn't feel special.  They just said: ok!

Do you have a favorite interview so far?  If so, who?

A cool interview for me was a potter in Iran.  Her answers are very funny.  And I think she is a very cool person.

What is your favorite quote?  Who said it?  Why is it your favorite?

"Don't give up easily."  I say that.  Because if you give up easily, you will regret it.

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- 20 June 2007


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3 August 2007

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