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Lotte Aarts 6 June 2010
Lotte Aarts is a free spirt who travels the world at every opportunity.  She currently works as a home health care nurse and loves people, history, animals and the environment.

John Cabrera 14 February 2003
John Cabrera has traveled all over the world thanks to his career in banking and also lived abroad as a child because of his father's career in the film industry.  Read about his exciting life and how he learned to live with a condition known as alopecia.

Joe Condrill 25 January 2003
Joe Condrill went to school in Germany, France, Hawaii, Thailand and Iran.  He used his experience as a "global nomad" to create an organization called OVERSEAS BRATS.

Janet Cook 19 August 2003
Janet Cook is an educator who was inspired to live overseas after a mission to Peru she went on for her church.  She is currently teaching high school in Germany and most recently taught English in Japan.  Her two daughters provided a little input for her latest interview.  Read what they like best about living in different countries and what they don't like.

Robert Daps 13 April 2010
Robert Daps is founder of the popular Disney fan site DAPs Magic.  He loves Disneyland and all things Disney and it shows at his site, a place where young and old can "share their love of Walt Disney and his legacies in a safe and fun atmosphere".

Eileen Davie 3 March 2008
Eileen Davie's job is to promote the Midway Islands, in the North Pacific Ocean, as a tourist destination.  She describes her work and the charms of the Midway Islands.

Julio Ericastilla 7 June 2004
Julio Ericastilla was born in Guatemala but lived in many different countries around the world because of his father's job with the United Nations.  As an adult, he moved to California where he joined the Air Force and continued to travel.  Today, he is retired on his ranch Vera Pax (True Peace) in Guatemala.

Dana Harper 24 August 2003
Dana Harper is an archaeologist.  Her job has taken her all around the United States and to other countries as well.  She became interested in the past as a young child in school and her family vacations through archaeological ruins allowed her to discover this fascinating field.

Chris Harris 18 January 2002
As a "military brat", Chris Harris grew up in many different places.  Today he enjoys traveling all over the world, moving to a new location every few years.

Rian Harris 2 April 2002
Rian Harris works for the U.S. State Department as a Diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala.  Find out what she thinks is so great about a job that lets you "have incredible adventures almost every single day".

Belinda He 29 January 2008
Belinda He works as a tour guide in China.

He Guo Quan 30 October 2007
He Guo Quan talks about Macau, China.

Jane Luu 25 January 2003
Dr. Jane Luu, Ph.D., is an astronomer who, with her colleague Dave Jewitt, discovered the Kuiper Belt which lies beyond Neptune.  She is also a world traveler with an adventurous spirit.

Michelle Mock 25 January 2003
Imagiverse co-founder Michelle Mock had a 10-year career at NASA's Deep Space Network and after 9 years in the computer programming field switched gears to raise a family and return to her original dream of a career as a teacher.

Richard Murphy 30 October 2003
Dr. Richard Murphy, Ph.D., is a marine biologist.  He has worked with Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau as a diver, scientist and underwater photographer since 1968 and is currently the director of Science and Education at the Ocean Future's Society.  Be sure to check out his incredible underwater photographs!

Bob Raab 5 March 2003
Bob Raab is a retired airline pilot and former Marine F-4 Phantom Fighter Pilot.  Read about his exciting life in two adrenaline pumped interviews and be prepared for a surprising twist or two.

Nicole Szulc Ginn 26 June 2004
Nicole Szulc Ginn is a former journalist and international civil servant who has lived in many different countries and speaks 5-1/2 languages.  She still does some writing for newspapers and, during the upcoming U.S. campaign season, she will be involved in getting Americans abroad registered to vote, so they can vote next November.

Remie Vigas 28 February 2008
Meet Imagiverse's mascot, Remie the Imagiverse Travel Bear!


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