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Remie Vigas

Imagiverse Travel Bear

How did you join the Imagiverse Team?

One day, the Imagiverse Activity Coordinator was waiting in line at the post office to pick up a package of international postcards which had just arrived from Kim Yang in Taiwan.  I was awaiting adoption and ... the rest is history.  I became the Imagiverse mascot and travel bear.

What do you do for Imagiverse?

I will get to travel all over the world to visit the classrooms which participate in Imagiverse activities.

Where have you been so far?

Well, I haven't actually left California yet.  My first trip is all the way to Taiwan where I will get to meet Doctor Yang and all the students at Mt. Elementary.  I will make a new friend too!  Nai Cha is a travel rabbit and she is very excited because after I arrive, she will make the trip to California.  She can't wait to visit Disneyland!!!

What does your name mean?

My name is actually the name Imagiverse but with the letters all scrambled.  Remie is a variation on a hebrew name for one of the seven archangels.  It is nice to be named after an angel!  Remiel was called the angel of hope.  It is also a variant of the name Rémy, the "rat chef" in the Disney movie Ratatouille.  Since this is the year of the rat/mouse, it is kind of fun to be named after a rat!!  My last name, "Vigas", is actually the left over letters in Imagiverse, and forms a Spanish word which refers to the heavy beam used to support the roof in Native American and Spanish architecture.

You are dressed kind of funny.  What do your clothes represent?

In 1999, the United States Post Office issued a stamp to represent "Woodstock".  I am wearing hippie clothing from the 1960s.  My vest says Woodstock on the back (and has the 33 cent stamp on the front) and my pants have a "peace sign".

What are you going to do in Taiwan?

I am not sure.  The best thing is I will be meeting all the students.  They will probably teach me how to say some words in their language and they will help me keep a journal of my visit.  I hope they take pictures of me in different places in Taiwan.  I look forward to meeting them and visiting their school.

Have a great trip and write often!

I will!  I will send pictures and journal entries, when I can, so you can follow my travels.

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- 28 February 2008


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20 July 2008

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