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He Guo Quan


Hello Friends!

We learnt from our interview with Mr He Guo Quan that life and culture in Macao are almost similar to ours in Taiwan.  We hope you will enjoy reading about our culture and we are just happy to let you know a little from us in the far East.

In friendship,
Carol, Edward, Howard, Jack, Jackie, Jenny,
Judy, Peggy, Peter, Steven, Sunny, Winnie
Imagiverse Student Ambassadors
Taipei, Taiwan

What is the favorite food in Macao?

Cantonese rice-porridge, three treasure rice (a dish of duck, chicken and pork) and wrapped pork-chop.  Most people in Macao like to have night-snacks.

What special activities do people in Macao do?

We have some lion dance clubs.  There are some festivals every year, which the performers go from shop to shop to dance and get red envelopes (red envelopes contain money).  The lion dance supports to bring luck to the shops' business.  We also have car racing once a year.

What things are in Macao, that you can say you are proud of?

The Taipa Bridge and Macao Tower.

What festivals do people in Macao celebrate?

Since Macao had been returned to China in December 1999, we celebrate China national birthday on October 1st.

Macao in Chinese language is "Ow-Men" (pronounced), which means harbor-gate.

How did "Ao-Men" get this name?

Ao-Men original was called Xiang Shan Ao (=fragrance mountain habor/bay).  Macao is mostly surrounded by the sea, which makes an ideal position for sea and land transportation.  There came the name Ao.  There are four islands in the south of Macao, together they form a cross-like shape on the surface of the sea.  This surface is called cross-gate.  Later, people had changed the name Xiang Shan Ao to Ao-Men.

- 30 October 2007


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