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Imagiverse Educational Consortium Executive Board

Michelle Mock Michelle Mock
Michelle Mock is an educator in Southern California.  Having a background in early-childhood to middle school education, she heads up Imagiverse Educational Consortium, directing it to pursue its goals in lifelong learning.  Michelle co-founded in 2001.
Stephanie Wong Stephanie Wong
Stephanie Wong is a computational scientist and musician.  She is co-founder and webmaster of, responsible for the development and maintenance of the site.
Gus González Agustín González
Agustín González has over 16 years of experience in information technology, management and banking.  Founder of GuTech Enterprises, Inc., located in Florida, Gus also oversees the financials and business aspects of Imagiverse Educational Consortium.
Luis Flores Luis Flores
Luis Flores is an undergraduate theatre arts design student in Southern California.  Skilled in web technologies, Luis writes software, contributes in web development and produces artwork for
Ray Olszewski
Ray Olszewski has said, "I'm not retired!  I just have another career but now, I pick and choose what I do, when I do it, and who I do it with."  His varied interests and experience lead Imagiverse to new dimensions in imagination.

Imagiverse Educational Consortium Education Advisory Committee Board Members

Michael Bastoni
Michael Bastoni is a high school shop teacher and robotics instructor in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  He did not enjoy school very much when he was growing up, but he is passionate about education and making learning REAL for his students.

Roger Herzler
Roger Herzler is a software engineer and amateur astronomer in San Diego, California.  He builds his own telescopes and maintains the astronomy-related website,

Student Ambassadors

Students from Kim Yang's Class in Taiwan

Students from the Montessori School of Corona

Remie Vigas
Meet Imagiverse's mascot, Remie the Imagiverse Travel Bear!

What is a Team?

A team is about not having a 'boss'.  Team members are equal partners.  We each become the catalyst for new growth and accomplishments.

A team is about putting egos to one side and thinking of others first.

A team is about believing in yourself and each other (even though we all have moments when we are too hard on ourselves and doubt our own abilities).

A team is about being sensitive to others and knowing when to be a friend and when others on the team need a few supportive words to be the best that they can be.

A team is about being human and accepting of ourselves and others for who we are.

A team is about selflessness and the ability to see through others' eyes.

A team is about communication and not jumping to conclusions about what we thought the other person said.  It is about clarifying communication if we are not quite sure what was meant.  It is about knowing when to read between the lines and when to ignore the hidden meanings.

A team is about never letting another team member fail.

These are qualities of any good team, whether it be at school or in the workplace or on a ball field.


Last Updated:
23 December 2014

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