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Humanitarian Work

Jenny Leonard 30 October 2007
Jenny Leonard was a volunteer worker who helped Project MARC find villagers in the South Pacific country of Vanuatu who had cataracts or very poor vision.  The project then provides these people with corrective glasses to improve their vision or sunglasses for preventative measures.  Read about her experience to this small island and the humanitarian work that she has done.

Law Enforcement

Dana Johnson 25 January 2001
Dana Johnson is a police officer with the Virigina Beach Police Department.  In his spare time he coaches youth soccer and football teams and he loves to ride his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.

Dorothy Johnson 1 February 2001
Dorothy Johnson is a Communications Officer for the Virginia Beach Police Department.  Do you have what it takes to do her job?

Jessica Lohman 19 June 2010
Jessi Lohman draws upon her experience in social work and law enforcement to help others gain control of their lives and reach for their dreams.  She is also a published author who has two new books soon to be released. In her spare time, she loves to paint.

Chuck Magdalena 31 May 2005
Chuck Magdalena is now retired from a full and rewarding career in law enforcement.  When he was a college student, a classmate (who was a police officer) invited him to go on a "ride-along".  One exciting night riding in a patrol car hooked him on policework and he applied for a job the following day.


Gary Johnson 31 May 2004
Gary Johnson is an estate and business planning attorney.  He grew up in Bartsville, Oklahoma, a city rich in culture, and says he was both a "country boy" and a "city boy".  Since his teens, he has lived and traveled all over the world, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

National Park Ranger

Don Garate 25 August 2005
Don Garate is an interpretive historian at Tumacácori National Historical Park outside of Tucson, Arizona.  An expert on Juan Bautista de Anza (of which there are father and son of the same name) he portrays the younger Anza in living history presentations.  He is currently writing the second book in a series of three about the father and son.

Carol Love 25 August 2005
Carol Love is a National Park Ranger in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Mabry Hill.  As an interpretive ranger, she tries to "connect the visitor to the resource".  Among her many other occupations -- past and present -- lobbying is one.

Armed Forces

Ray Olszewski 9 January 2007
Ray Olszewski is a retired Navy "boat yeoman", having served on the USS TUNNY.  After leaving active duty, he held many other careers, currently now the webmaster of  As Ray has said, "I'm not retired!  I just have another career but now, I pick and choose what I do, when I do it, and who I do it with."

Tony Pyke 24 August 2002
Tony Pyke is a supply technician in the Canadian Armed Forces, and has travelled all over the world.  When he was stationed in Kosovo, he helped start the first Scout troop in that region.

Bob Raab 5 March 2003
Bob Raab is a retired airline pilot and former Marine F-4 Phantom Fighter Pilot.  Read about his exciting life in two adrenaline pumped interviews and be prepared for a surprising twist or two.

Jobs at the Embassy

Rian Harris 2 April 2002
Since her first interview in 2002, Rian has moved on to new assignments.  Coming soon, Rian will tell us about her current job in a brand new interview.

Donald M. Mazibuko 15 October 2008
Donald M. Mazibuko is a counsellor working at the Embassy of Swaziland located in Taiwan.  Imagiverse's student ambassadors talk about their visit to the embassy.


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