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Donald M. Mazibuko

Interview with Mr. Counsellor Donald M. MazibukoHello Friends,

We hope you are doing fine and had a great start for the new school year.
The interview for this time we would like to present Mr. Counsellor [AE Counselor] Mazibuko from Swaziland.  He works at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland.  During our summer vacation we went to the Embassy to visit him.  It was very exciting, because it was our first face to face interview.  We were very nervous.  Also, our teacher taught us 2 weeks long how to sit, to talk politely, to greet and what to wear.  Everything was really very different.  No trainers [athletic shoes], no jeans and no caps were allowed. Our teacher told us, when we enter the Embassy, it is just like we are on Swaziland's soil.
When the interview was finished, we were very happy and satisfied.  It was an unforgettable experience.
We also would thank Mrs. Ambassador H. E. Njabuliso B. Gwebu for her time and effort that she had personally spent to look for postcards from Swaziland and brought them back.

We hope you will enjoy our interview and postcards.
Regards from Taiwan,
(in alphabetical order)
Carol, Edward, Howard, Jack, Jackie, Jenny, Judy, Peggy, Peter, Sandy*, Steven, Sunny, Winnie
*new team member

Students: How long have you been a counsellor?
Counsellor Mazibuko: I have been in this position since May 10, 2008.
Students: What was the reason for you to decide to become a counselor?
Counsellor Mazibuko: My government appointed me to this position.  It was not a matter of choosing.
Students: What is a Counsellor's job?
Counsellor Mazibuko: To be head of the Embassy office and responsible for every administration work, to work with the Ambassador, and if necessary to substitute for the Ambassador.
Students: What is the most interesting part in your job?
Counsellor Mazibuko: Knowing that your government has gotten trust in you for such an important job.
Students: What are the special experiences you have gotten in your job as a counsellor?
Counsellor Mazibuko: To work with foreign governments and foreign offices and dealing with people from other countries.
Students: What are the qualifications to become a counsellor?
Counsellor Mazibuko: The ability and the understanding of international relations, dealing with international economics and international politics.
Students: What do you do in Taiwan in your free time?
Counsellor Mazibuko: I was only able to see places around here (Taipei), for example the night market.  But I intend to see more in my free time, like weekends.
Students: How often may you go back to Swaziland in a year?
Counsellor Mazibuko: In this job I can take a leave after every two years.
Students: How would you describe Swaziland?
Counsellor Mazibuko: Swaziland is a very nice place.  We got mountains, wildlife and all the facilities for tourists.  Except the weather is different from Taiwan, we don't have big weather changes and typhoons like Taiwan.
Students: What are the most important festivals in Swaziland?
Counsellor Mazibuko: We have cultural activities in different time of a year.  In September we have one for young men to celebrate their youth and another time for adult men to look at their adult issues.
Students: How can a king become a king of Swaziland?
Counsellor Mazibuko: The king is not voted.  He is born in Swaziland and is from a Royal family.  He has the complete power over Swaziland.
Students: Can you explain the life and education of children in Swaziland?
Counsellor Mazibuko: Children should go to school for 12 years to graduate from high-school.  Today, in Swaziland there are two different groups of children, some follow the modern life, like going to the movies.  While some others still live in traditions.
Students: What makes you proud of Swaziland?
Counsellor Mazibuko: I don't have a direct answer to that.  Because there are too many things that makes me proud, like our culture, the beautiful nature…  Just many things.
Students: What's your dream?
Counsellor Mazibuko: I have almost achieved everything I wanted.  My dream was to have a good job and a family.  Now, I have a lovely family and a great job.  I have achieved the level I wanted with my education.  I have almost completed my dream.
Students: Do you have something to tell or advice children around the world?
Counsellor Mazibuko: Yes.  A professional life starts with education.  It is a very important involvement for a young person's life.  For every profession you need education.  Even a success of a nation starts with education.
Students: Mr. Counsellor, thank you very much for the time.  It was very interesting.
Counsellor Mazibuko: You are welcome.

- 15 October 2008


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8 December 2008

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