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Sebastien Babolat 16 August 2007
Sebastien Babolat believes language learning is important.  To bring the French language to others, he created a French instructional website.

Roger S. Baum 9 March 2007
Roger S. Baum is the great grandson of L. Frank Baum.  Since 1988 he has been taking readers back to Oz to meet old friends: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Toto, too!

Luís Felipe Díaz Galeano 31 January 2004
Luís Felipe Díaz Galeano is a writer and business consultant in Madrid, Spain.  He has been writing "seriously" since he was 17 years old and is equally prolific in English and Spanish.

Cynthia Duquette Smith 31 July 2004
Cynthia Duquette Smith is the Director of Public Speaking and a professor at Indiana University.  She credits the outgoing aspects of her personality to her penchant for "putting on shows" for family and friends from a very young age and acting in school productions.

Steve Englehart 30 May 2002
Steve Englehart is a writer from California.  He has written several books for young readers and is an icon in the world of comics.  One of his books (Countdown to Flight!) was used by NASA as the literature unit of their "Exploring Aeronautics" curriculum.

Homer Hickam, Jr. 10 September 2003
Homer (Sonny) Hickam grew up in a small coal mining town in West Virginia.  In 1957, a small satellite inspired him to become part of the United States space program.  The story about his childhood friends and their interest in rocketry became a major motion picture called October Sky.

James Kevlin 8 August 2001
James Kevlin is a newspaper editor in Pottsville, Pennyslvania.  Find out how rewarding and busy a career in the newspaper business can be!

Jessica Lohman 19 June 2010
Jessi Lohman draws upon her experience in social work and law enforcement to help others gain control of their lives and reach for their dreams.  She is also a published author who has two new books soon to be released. In her spare time, she loves to paint.

Jane Nelsen 27 April 2003
Dr. Jane Nelsen, Ph.D., is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, an author, a speaker, and a workshop leader.  Find out how her experiences a mother of seven children opened up an unexpected career path which has taken her all around the country and to appearances on television with Oprah, Sally Jesse Raphael and others!

Charline Profiri 15 February 2005
Charline is a retired teacher whose children's book Counting Little Geckos is due for release in August 2005.  Read about her path to becoming a published writer.

Bethany James Leigh Shady 5 May 2010
Bethany Shady is a freelance writer and author of children's books.  While living in Hawaii, she had the opportunity to participate in the ABC television series LOST as an extra.

Nicole Szulc Ginn 26 June 2004
Nicole Szulc Ginn is a former journalist and international civil servant who has lived in many different countries and speaks 5-1/2 languages.  She still does some writing for newspapers and, during the upcoming U.S. campaign season, she will be involved in getting Americans abroad registered to vote, so they can vote next November.

Commander Page Turner 2 August 2004
Commander Page Turner is an author and illustrator of internationally awarded children's books.  He visits preschool and elementary classrooms around the nation to promote literacy, self-esteem and a love of reading in young children.

David L. Weatherford 10 August 2007
Imagiverse received one of those "mail to everyone you know" emails about a dying girl who supposedly wrote a poem called "Slow Dance".  After verifying that the email was a hoax, we contacted the real author of the poem: David L. Weatherford.  Read what inspired him to write poetry in the first place and then visit his site ( to read all of his beautiful writing.


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