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Television and Film

Peter Abrahamson 9 April 2003
Peter Abrahamson designs robotics and robotic special effects for the television and film industry.  Read how watching movies as a kid and competing at BattleBots paved the way for a really cool career!

Naomi Nguyen 8 May 2009
Naomi Nguyen is a professional model/actress who is pursuing a law degree.  Upon completion of her studies, she hopes to establish her own law firm dealing with criminal, entertainment, divorce, international, and malpractice matters.

Mark Vasconcellos 26 August 2001
Mark Vasconcellos is an actor and independent filmmaker.  He also enjoys photography.  See some of the pictures he has taken on his travels to other countries.

Painting and Sculpture

Michael Dunev 6 June 2004
Michael Dunev is an art dealer and art gallery owner in Girona, Spain.  He developed an appreciation for art as a young child and enjoys it to this day.  Living in many different locations around the world contributed to his appreciation of art from all cultures.

Bob Olszewski 20 May 2007
Robert "Bob" Olszewski is a painter and a sculptor.  He is best known today for his series of 1/220th scale models of the buildings on Disneyland's Main Street U.S.A.  Visit the Olszewski Art Gallery.

Theater Arts

Luis Flores 26 May 2003
Luis Flores is a Theatre Arts student aspiring to put his creative talents to use in a field that has inspired him since childhood.  Read how he has already made some of his childhood dreams become a reality.


Cynthia Foote 17 April 2004
Cynthia Foote is a former dancer who found her passion and a steady income working as a wardrobe attendant for Celine Dion's "A New Day" show in Las Vegas.  Cynthia also is an entrepreneur and runs her own Avon business.


David Johnson 19 August 2003
David Johnson is a senior creative director and a writer for a major advertising agency in New York City.  He has done ads for companies like Pepsi and Gillette, with sports stars like Shaquille O'Neal and Warren Sapp.

Drawing and Cartoons

Joe King 19 May 2006
Joe King is a political cartoonist.  Read about how he developed his artistic talents and the source of his inspirations.

Frank Poliat 24 January 2004
Frank Poliat is a freelance artist who lived and travelled around the world with his parents who were also artists.  He grew up in the arts community and was inspired by the many great works of art he was fortunate to be able to visit in person.

Maynard Smith 29 November 2003
Maynard Smith is an artist, sculptor, cartoonist, storyteller, performer, voice-over actor and... he sings too!  He also works at a major theme park which he says is more fun than work.

Graphic Arts and Animation

Dan Maas 5 November 2002
Dan Maas is a computer graphics artist, whose credits include creating NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers animation.  He also started his own company while still in his teens.

Lucas Martell 6 March 2010
Lucas Martell is a professional animator and visual effects artist who also writes, animates and directs his own animated shorts.  His "Pigeon: Impossible" was uploaded to YouTube four months ago and has been viewed over FOUR MILLION times since then!

Miguel Muelle 31 May 2005
Miguel was born in Peru and grew up hearing other languages.  He always loved art and turned that joy into a career where he now works as a freelance graphics design artist.

Karen Nugent 31 August 2004
Karen Nugent began her work in graphics arts designing video games.  She most recently worked as a painter on Disney animated feature films.  In her "spare" time she works as an instructor trainer in CPR/First Aid for adults, children, dogs and cats and Emergency Response for disasters.

David Pacheco 17 July 2010
David Pacheco always knew he would work for Disney.  As a young child, he would often fix the illustrations in his Disney books to "make them better".  At the age of 7 or 8 he planned to create a line of Disney figurines.  When he grew up, he did these things, and more, for the Walt Disney Company where he has worked for almost 30 years!


Robert Daps 13 April 2010
Robert Daps is founder of the popular Disney fan site DAPs Magic.  He loves Disneyland and all things Disney and it shows at his site, a place where young and old can "share their love of Walt Disney and his legacies in a safe and fun atmosphere".

John de Guzman 9 May 2007
John de Guzman graduated from MIT with a degree in chemical engineering which he turned into a career in management consulting in New York City.  He is also a musician who is launching a musical career and speaks and writes fluent English, Spanish and French!

David Flatau 18 April 2011
Eighty-two year old David Flatau is a retired teacher who has been composing music from a young age. His ballad "Our Love", which he sent to Prince William and Kate Middleton, has received royal recognition and reached over 2,000 hits on YouTube.

Dan Sindel 22 May 2009
Dan Sindel is a guitarist and entrepreneur who recently developed his own online guitar instruction business.  Through the use of audio-visual and web technology, Dan can teach guitar to anyone in the world, and even play "duets" with himself!

George Winston 20 June 2004
George Winston is a man of few words who speaks primarily through his music as a musician and composer.  His compositions are inspired by the seasons and topographies of the different places he has lived in or visited.

Stephanie Wong 25 August 2003
Stephanie Wong is Imagiverse's webmaster and a classical pianist.  Read about her musical interests and how she considers music the "second half of her personality."


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28 April 2011

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