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Hi!  My name is Mark Vasconcellos and I was born in Fremont, California in 1962.  I lived in San Jose, California until I was 13, then I moved to Madrid, Spain and went to the American School of Madrid.  I was very active in sports and I loved to travel at an early age!  In 1981, I went to San Jose State University where I received a BA in Television and Film Production and a minor in Photography.  In 1987, I moved to Italy to work as a model and a freelance camera man for Italian television.  I traveled quite extensively in Asia, Australia, Europe, Central America, and Africa.  After living in Italy for 3 years, I moved to Los Angeles in the early 90's and started to pursue a career in acting, filmmaking and photography!  So far so good!  I have a lovely wife (Ceci), a beautiful little girl named Marina and an infant son named Vincent!

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2 November 2002

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