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Hi there!

My name is Roger Herzler.  I originally moved to San Diego, California courtesy of the US Marine Corps and stayed here with my then fiancée, now wife.  I am currently working as a software Quality Assurance Engineer for a software company that produces enterprise e-mail management software.


I have an Associates Degree in General Education.  I am attending CSU San Marcos, but I may wind up transfering to SDSU so that I can achieve my goals.  My ultimate education goals include pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering-Science and High Technology Management and an eventual Masters.


My hobbies include Kempo (martial arts), maintaining The @stro Pages website, working on computers, and astronomy (surprise).  I am currently in the process of grinding a 10" Pyrex mirror blank for use in a telescope.  I also use my camera to take photos of everything from family to astrophtotos to landscapes & cityscapes.

Roger's Kempo kick Roger displays
Kempo moves.
Grinding mirrors
for telescope.
Roger builds a telescope

Family Life

I just turned 30 :o(, but I am having a great time.  I am very happily married to a wonderful woman.  We have 2 dogs, a young girl who was born in May 1998, and a new baby boy born in March 2000.

Personal Views

I am politically conservative, pro-space exploration and typically vote Republican, but that won't stop me from voting my conscience should the Republican option be a bonehead.  I am a Christian and look to Jesus for my answers, but I do respect others' views.  As I see it, Jesus sought peace for all through him.

"Imagine if we were all on the same sheet of music...
What a symphony it would be!"
~ Roger Herzler

Roger's Interview


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19 May 2002

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