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by Michelle Mock

Children love animals of all kinds.  One of their favorite types of animals are the majestic creatures of the sea, the whales.  There are many different kinds of whales and children love learning the many names and characteristics.

It is important to teach the children that whales are wild animals.  While they may seem playful and fun at Sea World or in movies, dolphins and whales are wild animals that deserve to be respected and given space.  Many whales are endangered.  Through this unit of study, children become empowered to do small things that can help to protect the whales and the environment.

This theme is excellent for family participation.  Whale watches can be a school field trip (with many parent helpers) or it can be a recommended family outing.  An educational trip to a marine themed amusement park or learning center is another excellent learning experience.

Many homes have books about whales, videos or other items that children can bring to share.  Other share items might include stuffed animals, rubber sea creatures, shells, starfish or seaweed.  Parents can also contribute to art activities through participation or donation of supplies.

Special thanks to the Children of Montessori School of Corona for their input and to Colleen Ferryman, their teacher and school owner, for giving me access to her seemingly endless supply of materials.  Her enthusiasm for this subject has "tickled my brain" and sparked my creativity.  I especially want to thank her for letting me use her "Songs of Cetaceans".

If you have seen these songs before, please note that Colleen is the author of the lyrics.  She has shared them at many workshops and with fellow teachers.  Sometimes these songs have been photocopied and shared without giving her credit.  Colleen encourages you to share these lyrics with your students and other teachers, but please write to: Imagiverse - Team for permission to post, photocopy or email to multiple recipients.  The copyright notice must be included on all pages.

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28 August 2004

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