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  Read about the different people involved in robotics!  Engineers, educators, students, parents, and many others make robotic technologies an integral part of society.

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Paulo Younse 21 June 2015
When we first interviewed Paulo nine years ago, he had not been working very long at his dream job as a mechanical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  In this new interview, he talks about many of the many adventures that came about for him as a result of his job (which he still loves).

Rachel Zimmerman Brachman 5 June 2015
Rachel always had an interest in engineering and the sciences.  At the age of 12, when she was only in 7th grade, she invented a special device for the disabled.  Today, she works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where she shares her passion for the solar system and technology with students and the general public.

Paulo Younse 19 May 2006
Paulo Younse has a dream job... if he takes you on a tour of his toy shop (i.e., the robotics lab at JPL) you can tell he loves his job!  He can't talk about his work without a large grin on his face.

Steven Dworetzky 19 August 2003
Steven Dworetzky teaches middle school robotics in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  He developed the Mars Exploration Rover Robotics Education Project and uses many fun techniques to spark the imagination of his multicultural, multilingual classroom.

Peter Abrahamson 9 April 2003
Peter Abrahamson designs robotics and robotic special effects for the television and film industry.  Read how watching movies as a kid and competing at BattleBots paved the way for a really cool career!

Wendy Wooten 2 September 2002
Dr. Wendy Wooten has her Ph.D. in biological chemistry and physiology.  Her curiosity to understand how things work motivated her.  Find out more about robotics and why her students have to be reminded to leave the classroom at the end of the day!

Jason Morrella 17 August 2002
Jason Morrella is a Regional Director for FIRST Robotics.  He teaches a FIRST Robotics class for grades 9 through 12.  Find out how you can get involved in a robotics program and how robotics could pay for some of your college education.

Ayanna Howard 16 August 2002
Dr. Ayanna Howard, PhD, is a robotics engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  At 11 years old, she was inspired by the television program, "The Bionic Woman" to enter the field of robotics.  Read about this "dream come true"!

Michael Bastoni 6 August 2002
Michael Bastoni shares his passion for learning and robotics through BattleBots IQ.  Read how BattleBots are a tool for making education interesting and exciting for students of all ages.

Evelyn Torres-Rangel 26 July 2002
Evelyn Torres-Rangel is a high school computer programming instructor and robotics mentor.  Find out more about BotBall by reading her interview.

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Phil Christensen 14 August 2003
Dr. Phil Christensen is a geologist and Mars scientist.  Read how the young grad student, who sat in the back of the room watching Mars scientists vote on Viking landing sites in 1976, became the Principal Investigator for two instruments currently in orbit around Mars and two more headed for landing in January 2004.

Dan Maas 5 November 2002
Dan Maas is a computer graphics artist, whose credits include creating NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers animation.  He also started his own company while still in his teens.


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