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Rockin' on the Río

In 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue... and back on the Río Tinto where Columbus sailed from all those years ago, scientists have been studying Mars!  Read what Columbus and the Red Planet have in common at:
(in Spanish)

"I Was There"

Join Luife Galeano in an exciting trip to the past, visiting the monastery of La Rábida, Columbus’ last stop before embarking on the historic trip that led to the discovery of America:

Follow Luife Galeano in his adventure of The New World.  Find out about Columbus' difficulties to set sail into the unknown, the fleet sponsored by Queen Isabella and life at sea in a precarious nutshell!

Stepping Back in Time

History is full of amazing people and incredible accomplishments.  Some of these people found a special place in history and their accomplishments were recorded in history books.  Others lived their lives as best as they could be and although they never became "famous", they touched the lives of the people they came in contact with and made a difference of their own.  Imagine a world before Internet, computers, airplanes, automobiles, electric light bulb, telephones, hot running water in bathrooms, flush toilets...  Imagine that you are stepping back in time, where you will meet some amazing people from the past:


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22 June 2006

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