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Take a Virtual Trip Around the World

The best way to learn about other places is to travel.  Even if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel, it is not possible to visit all the places there are to see.  By taking a voyage through the pages of Imagiverse, you might be able to tour some places you have never been or revisit places you have seen.

Take a virtual trip around the United States and Canada by going to the Postcard Exchange:

Read interviews from alumni of the American School of Madrid:

Read interviews with others who lived in different countries as children or have lived in or traveled to different countries as adults:

Submit a story for publication

Imagiverse encourages children of all ages to submit stories, poems and artwork for publication within our pages.  Make it a class project and send us your best work!

Read some of the stories currently posted at Imagiverse:

Letters from Around the World

Send a letter to Imagiverse and tell us what it is like where you live.  What do you like to do?  What is the climate like?  What are some of your favorite customs or events?  What are your favorite holiday celebrations?

Read letters from children in different countries:

Read about different religions:

Read about different countries and send a report about your country.  The Imagiverse country pages are written by people who live in those countries.  What is your country famous for?  What is it like to live there?  Do people from other countries have misconceptions about where you live?

Read about El Salvador:

Read about New Zealand:



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22 June 2006

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