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From Crayons to CGI

The first time a child makes a scribble on a piece of paper, adults rejoice in the child's artistic talent.  We are all born with this talent but sometimes we forget to use it and it goes away.  Others continue to practice and in time become known as "artists".

Visit with some of the artists interviewed here.  Learn also about overcoming obstacles to pursue this talent.

Luis Flores, Theatre Arts Student

Joe King, Political Cartoonist

Dan Maas, Digital Artist

Miguel Muelle, Graphic Design Artist

Karen Nugent, Computer Graphics Artist

Olszewski Studios, Sculptor

Frank Poliat, Artist

Frank's Art Gallery

Maynard Smith, Artist

Mark Vasconcellos, Photographer/Filmmaker

Mark's Photo Gallery

Michael Dunev is an art gallery owner in Girona, Spain.  Read his interview and see some of the beautiful works of art in his collection:

Michael Dunev, Art Gallery Owner

Michael's Art Gallery


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15 January 2007

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