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Dana Harper 24 August 2003
Dana Harper is an archaeologist.  Her job has taken her all around the United States and to other countries as well.  She became interested in the past as a young child in school and her family vacations through archaeological ruins allowed her to discover this fascinating field.


Carsten Andersen 1 February 2004
Carsten Andersen is an astronomy and physics teacher in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Students from 7 to 18 (and as old as 80!) visit "Stjernekammeret", the school planetarium at Bellahøj Skole.

Roger Herzler 28 June 2002
Roger Herzler is a software engineer and amateur astronomer in San Diego, California.  He builds his own telescopes and maintains a website full of astronomy links!

Jane Luu 21 March 2003
Dr. Jane Luu, Ph.D., is an astronomer who, with her colleague Dave Jewitt, discovered the Kuiper Belt which lies beyond Neptune.  She is also a world traveler with an adventurous spirit.

Dave McCarter 15 February 2003
Dave McCarter is the current president of London Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Phil Plait 10 March 2004
Dr. Phil Plait, Ph.D., has gained fame as the "Bad Astronomer" who debunks the nonsense that pseudoscientists inflict on the general public.  He gives some very good pointers on how you can too learn to question some of the silly stories that others try to convince you are factual.

Bonnie Walters 25 July 2002
Bonnie Walters has spent over 20 years in the medical field as a respiratory therapist.  She is also an amateur astronomer and a volunteer technical operator for the Telescopes in Education project at Mt. Wilson Observatory.


Raúl Quesada 9 August 2003
Raúl Quesada is a chemist in the Canary Islands.  He enjoys all aspects of science and loves spending his free time at the beach or in company of good friends and family.

Stephanie Wong 3 August 2007
Stephanie Wong speaks about life as an undergraduate student.


Heidi Auman 3 March 2008
Heidi Auman is a scientist who has spent 20 years researching human impacts in seabirds, specifically in the areas of toxicology, disturbance, plastic debris ingestion, urbanisation and diet.  Her research is global in nature with a preference for isolated islands, including Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.  She has demonstrated that our ecological footprint has reached the furthest corners of the Earth, often with disturbing consequences.  Heidi has recently finished her PhD in Zoology.

Eric Chudler 11 December 2002
Dr. Eric Chudler, Ph.D., is a neuroscience researcher at the University of Washington.  In addition to studying the brain and its pain mechanisms, Eric also does many science presentations to local classrooms.

Tim Karr 4 March 2002
Dr. Timothy Karr, Ph.D., is a professor of Biology at the University of Chicago.  He also researches "giant killer sperm".  Find out why uninteresting drosophila are so interesting to study!

Darlene Lim 5 March 2004
Dr. Darlene Lim, Ph.D., is a geobiologist who studies lakes and ancient lakes, like the ones that might have existed on the planet Mars in the past.  She is currently conducting research at NASA's Ames Research Center, and in her free time, tries to spread the word about science to kids through various outreach projects.

Richard Murphy 30 October 2003
Dr. Richard Murphy, Ph.D., is a marine biologist.  He has worked with Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau as a diver, scientist and underwater photographer since 1968 and is currently the director of Science and Education at the Ocean Future's Society.  Be sure to check out his incredible underwater photographs!


Phil Christensen 14 August 2003
Dr. Phil Christensen, Ph.D., is a geologist and Mars scientist.  Read how the young grad student, who sat in the back of the room watching Mars scientists vote on Viking landing sites in 1976, became the Principal Investigator for four instruments at Mars (2 in orbit and two more roving around on the surface of the planet).

John Grant 3 January 2004
Dr. John Grant, Ph.D., is a planetary geomorphologist (a geologist who specializes in how various processes combine and interact over time to create a landscape).  Find out what herding cats has to do with Mars exploration.

Vicky Hamilton 7 September 2003
Dr. Victoria Hamilton, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP) at the University of Hawai'i.  Learn why this psychology major changed paths in college and went on to a career she "wouldn't trade for anything" as a planetary geologist actively involved in Mars research.

Chris Herd 17 September 2003
Dr. Christopher Herd, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Mineralogy at the University of Alberta.  Chris is an expert in meteorites, comparing rocks from space with their more earthly counterparts.  Read about how he got interested in planetary geology at an early age, and how "imagination is the root of the creativity that underlies the very foundation of science."

Deidre LaClair 18 January 2003
Deidre LaClair is a geology student at Central Michigan University currently working in planetary research.


Silvia Larocca 1 June 2003 (in Spanish)
Silvia Larocca is a meteorologist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She fell in love with meteorology in the first class.

Claire Martin 27 August 2001
Claire Martin is a meteorologist and weather forecaster at a local news station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Wendy Wooten 2 September 2002
Dr. Wendy Wooten, Ph.D., teaches high school Physics and Robotics.  Her curiosity to understand how things work motivated her to get a Ph.D. in biological chemistry and physiology.  Find out what type of students she remembers through the years and what motivates her to keep teaching ... and learning.


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