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Lotte Aarts 6 June 2010
Lotte Aarts is a free spirt who travels the world at every opportunity.  She currently works as a home health care nurse and loves people, history, animals and the environment.

Carol Farron 14 August 2001
Carol Farron is Community Health Director for Lodi Memorial Hospital.  She enjoys making sure the hospital is meeting the needs of people who live in her community.

Lisa Pyke 26 June 2002
Lisa Pyke is a Medical Radiological Technologist where she takes "pictures" of what's inside your body to help diagnose ilnesses.  Lisa also is very involved in scouting, being a scouting leader for one of the local scout groups.

Leigh, Lisa & Laura Schnaidt 15 July 2003
The Schnaidt Sisters independently decided to become dentists.  Learn why they did so and what they thought about dental school.  See how their close family relationship has helped them through their lives and careers.

Frank Terranova 15 February 2002
Dr. Francis Terranova, O.D., is a doctor of developmental optometry.  Did you know that 20/20 does NOT mean perfect vision?  Learn what 20/20 really means and how important good vision is to success in school.

Bonnie Walters 25 July 2002
Bonnie Walters has spent over 20 years in the medical field as a respiratory therapist.  She is also an amateur astronomer and a volunteer technical operator for the Telescopes in Education project at Mt. Wilson Observatory.


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