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Constance Clowers 25 March 2005
Constance learned to sew at the young age of 7 years.  Living out in the country in Germany, she enjoyed spending time with her grandmother who taught her the skills that would later lead to a career as a seamstress (including making period costumes for Knott's Berry Farm).  Today, at the side of her real-life husband, she portrays Julia Dent Grant, the wife of General and former President Ulysses S. Grant.

Larry Clowers 4 April 2005
An electrical engineer by profession, Larry discovered a passion for portraying historical figures in Living History presentations.  He became particularly fond of playing General Ulysses S. Grant and now limits himself to recreating President Grant in the most authentic manner possible.  With his real life wife at his side, he not only portrays the general but together they present the former First Couple and a great love story.

Don Garate 25 August 2005
Don Garate is an interpretive historian at Tumacácori National Historical Park outside of Tucson, Arizona.  An expert on Juan Bautista de Anza (of which there are father and son of the same name) he portrays the younger Anza in living history presentations.  He is currently writing the second book in a series of three about the father and son.

Homer Sewell 23 January 2004
Homer Sewell is a historical impressionist with an uncanny resemblance to the 16th President of the United States.  Besides looking very much like Abraham Lincoln, who he portrays at schools and libraries around the country, there are 35 coincidences between the two "Abes".

Making History

David Anderson 6 November 2005
David Anderson is a retired Social Studies teacher who now supervises teacher interns.  He developed some fun projects including "Hands Across the World" which make Social Studies come alive for students.

Terri Jaggers 6 April 2005
Terri is a retired teacher who found herself in the "right place at the right time" and now is the Education Director for Quality West Wing Museum, an educational museum which includes a recreation of the Presidential Oval Office.


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