Photo and text courtesy & copyright
Robert Olszewski and OlszewskiStudios.COM.

Caption by Robert Olszewski

In 1972, I had a small one-man show at the Ryder Gallery that featured about 7 paintings.  In the 1960s and early 1970s, the strip of galleries on La Cienega Boulevard was the place to show on the West Coast.  After dinner celebrities and the art crowd would walk the boulevard and check out what was new in the galleries.  For me, at 27, this was a big deal, and one major painting was sold plus a smaller study.  Considering the subject, I imagine someone from the movie industry purchased it, but as I was not at the gallery during the sale, I have no idea of who purchased it and where the painting is today.  If I did know, I would have surely included the work in the museum retrospective.

~Robert Olszewski


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