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Dean Davis 4 April 2003
Dean Davis is a rocket scientist.  Do you have the "right stuff" to become a rocket scientist too?  You might!  Find out what things you can do now to prepare yourself for an exciting and challenging career like Dean's.

Gregory H. Johnson 17 July 2003
NASA Astronaut Gregory H. Johnson dreamed of becoming an astronaut from the time he was 7 years old, but to actually be one of those selected in 1998 surprised him!  Find out what steps it took to put himself at the top of his class.

Bob Raab 5 March 2003
Bob Raab is a retired airline pilot and former Marine F-4 Phantom Fighter Pilot.  Read about his exciting life in two adrenaline pumped interviews and be prepared for a surprising twist or two.

Steve Shackelford 28 May 2004
Steve Shackelford is an Air Traffic Supervisor with the FAA.  He acquired an extensive knowledge of the Wright Brothers by reading virtually every book he could find about them.  He has portrayed them on the Internet and in person.

Paul Woodmansee 4 June 2003
Paul Woodmansee is a "rocket scientist" or more accurately, a propulsion engineer.  Imagine working on something that will carry a spacecraft to someplace like Mars!  Find out what subjects gave Paul trouble when he was a student and what strategies helped him through.

Roje Yap 20 May 2001
Roje Yap is an Astronaut Flight Instructor for NASA.  Read all about who he is and how he helps astronauts to have a safe trip into space.


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