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My name is Raúl Quesada.  I was born in 1975, in The Canary Islands, Spain, but do not try to look for them in a map, they are so small that you may run the risk of going blind.  Just kidding!  Look off the northwest coast of Africa, west of Morocco.  You will probably be able to find the seven principal islands but there are also six little islands which are really too small to see on most maps.

I am a student of chemistry at the university and a promising writer... well, maybe not so promising.  This contrast between both activities defines my nature: I am interested in everything!  While I was in High School I decided to work on chemistry as a job and studying literature and writing as a hobby.  I have been adding hobbies since then.

I spent five years at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas to learn English and spent just one year away to forget it.  The story of my life!  Just kidding!

I love French literature from 19th century, travelling, going to the cinema, sleeping on the beach and surfing on the Internet.  I like joking, listening to music, practising some sport, playing the guitar, learning, creating, imagining and living in the air.  Above all else, I am a friend of my friends.

I suppose my biggest difficulties are lack of money, the war against my computer (it’s always crashing) and my stuttering.  Fortunately, these, like most problems, can be solved by working hard (and being patient).  Otherwise, I am extremely happy.  Nowadays I am going out with a beautiful española, I still have the two best friends of my childhood, my ‘good friends’ list is long enough, my university studies improve everyday, I have been invited to participate with great groups on the Internet, meeting wonderful people from everywhere and learning whatever! So the sun shines!

I am not religious but tolerant; not outstanding but open-minded; not devoted but honest.  I love talking about myself, but this is too much so... have a good time and learn, learn, learn!

"The good thing about being intelligent is that you can always pretend to be stupid. The opposite is much harder."

Biografía de Raúl en español
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12 May 2002

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