The American School of Madrid was the home away from home for many children who were transferred to Madrid, Spain because of their parent's job.  The experiences of expatriates (people living in a country other than their own) opens their eyes to many new experiences.  They experience language, culture, food and many other things by being there.  They experience culture shock and reverse-culture shock (when they come home).  American School of Madrid alumni live all over the world and their choice of careers is as varied as their experiences.  Meet some of the former students of the American School of Madrid through their interviews.

John Cabrera has traveled all over the world thanks to his career in banking and also lived abroad as a child because of his father's career in the film industry.  Read about his exciting life and how he learned to live with a condition known as alopecia.
John de Guzman graduated from MIT with a degree in chemical engineering which he turned into a career in management consulting in New York City.  He is also a musician who is launching a musical career and speaks and writes fluent English, Spanish and French!
Luís Felipe Díaz Galeano is a writer and business consultant in Madrid, Spain.  He has been writing "seriously" since he was 17 years old and is equally prolific in English and Spanish.  He supervises the Spanish content at Imagiverse.
Michael Dunev is an art dealer and art gallery owner in Girona, Spain.  He developed an appreciation for art as a young child and enjoys it to this day.  Living in many different locations around the world contributed to his appreciation of art from all cultures.
Carol Farron is Community Health Director for Lodi Memorial Hospital.  She enjoys making sure the hospital is meeting the needs of people who live in her community.
Agustín González works in international banking.  He lives in Florida, and designs websites in his "spare" time.  He is also the founder of the GoLancers.COM Web site, the Alumni Home Pages for the American School of Madrid.
David Johnson is a senior creative director and a writer for a major advertising agency in New York City.  He has done ads for companies like Pepsi and Gillette, with sports stars like Shaquille O'Neal and Warren Sapp.

Gary Johnson is an estate and business planning attorney.  He grew up in Bartsville, Oklahoma, a city rich in culture.  Since his teens, he has lived and traveled all over the world, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

James Kevlin is a newspaper editor.  Find out how rewarding and busy a career in the newspaper business can be!
Michelle Mock is a PreK-8 educator in Southern California.  She is President and co-founder of Imagiverse Education Consortium and
Miguel Muelle was born in Peru and grew up hearing other languages.  He always loved art and turned that joy into a career where he now works as a freelance graphics design artist.
Nicole Szulc Ginn is a former journalist and international civil servant who has lived in many different countries and speaks 5-1/2 languages.
Frank Poliat is a freelance artist who lived and travelled around the world with his parents who were also artists.  He grew up in the arts community and was inspired by the many great works of art he was fortunate to be able to visit in person.
Mark Vasconcellos is an actor and independent filmmaker.  He also enjoys photography.  See some of the pictures he has taken on his travels to other countries.

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