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Christopher Harris was born in Rota, Spain.  He moved all over as a child because his father was a Chaplain in the U.S. Navy.  He went to fourteen different schools in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  That's about one year per school!

Chris graduated from the College of William and Mary with a BA in History and Philosophy.  He worked as head cook and teacher of natural sciences at a conservation focused summer camp for 7 years.

He later moved to New York City and then Washington DC working in market research.  He mostly worked in telecommunications doing "lots of satellite stuff".  He also taught Kaplan SAT classes.

In 1996, he started an Internet retail business with his brothers. Inc. imports and sells gourmet foods from Spain.  This is really great for folks (like me) who lived in Spain and miss the taste of chorizo, salchichón, queso manchego and so much more.  They even have the traditional Christmas candy called turrón, fans (abanicos), ceramics and Spanish cookware and more.

Since his wife joined the State Deptartment, Chris and Rian have lived in Vladivostok, Russia, where Chris designed a website for the U.S. Consulate and overhauled their online content.  They now live in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where Chris continues development of and teaches Computer Science (grades 7-12) at Equity American School.

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30 May 2002

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