Postcard and text courtesy of Dr. Kim Yang and students.
Image © ELAM Art & Cultural Group

Students: What are the differences of Iran's ceramic?
Ingrid: Iranian pottery is very much influenced by history and traditions. Pottery began probably over 8000 B.C. in Iran. When humans collected food and produced food, they stored foodstuff in jars, storage vessels,... made of clay. Pottery played an important role over the time of Persian's empire. Pottery is a tradition and culture, which has been continued in Iran until today.

Caption: Khorasan, Shrine of Imam Reza, Masshad. Photo: ELAM ARCHIVE

Imagiverse sends special thanks across the oceans to Dr. Kim Yang and his students: Carol, Jenny, Judy, Peggy, Winnie and Sunny for sharing Ingridís interview and postcards with Imagiverse.


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