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Fourth Largest Continent

South America is the fourth largest continent.  It is connected to North America at the Isthmus of Panama.  Spanish is the primary language spoken throughout most of South America.  However, not in its largest country: Brazil.  Brazilians speak Portuguese.  Although Spanish is spoken in many different countries, there are some differences in accent, pronunciation and some words.  The Portuguese spoken in Brazil is also a bit different from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal.

The continent of South America has a variety of terrain, climate and customs.

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Geology of South America

The continents and oceans of the world are part of the layer of the Earth called the crust.  The crust is divided into regions called plates which slowly move over the middle layer called the mantle.  South America and the South Atlantic Ocean are found on the South American plate.

South America has many mountain ranges, canyons and rivers.  The Amazon river in Brazil is the widest river in the world.  The tip of South America almost reaches the continent of Antarctica.

Climate and Seasons

Depending upon where you live in South America, you may experience very distinct seasons.  Some places have similar weather year-round.

Explore South America through the words of the people who live there.  More pages will be added as we receive information and photographs from our friends around the world.  If you live (or have lived) in South America and would like to contribute, please contact us.

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