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17th Century

Recorded history tells the story of a certain place and time.  The difficulty with history, and historical facts, is that they are not interpreted the same by all people.  Much of recorded history is found in the journals of people who lived during a specific time, in a specific place.  All of these people have their own perceptions and interpretations of the time they live in.  These stories are then used by historians to record the facts as they understand them.  Historians, like scientists, do not agree about everything.  Their versions may be decidedly different.

That being said, the story of South America in the 17th century can be very confusing.  It was a time of exploration, colonization and conquest.  Cities and countries were being founded and claimed by the country that discovered them or settled there.  It was also a time of religious expansion with the Catholic Church leading the way to spread their religion and convert those they came into contact with.

Word of riches in the New World had spread through Europe so other countries were also interested in establishing their "claim" to land and wealth in the New World.

You tell the story!

Children around the world are taught the facts about their particular country.  If you are a student, teacher or native (or long time resident) of a country in South America, please tell us a little about the history of your country during the 17th Century, by clicking on the button below.  We will compile information received into an informative collection with links to "read more about it".


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