Vatican City

Text courtesy of Dr. Kim Yang and the Students of the PostProjectTeam.

Welcome to Vatican City, the smallest country on Earth!  The following interview was conducted by the students of BigAppleTree PostProjectTeam.  Tony Gentile is a photographer for Reuters.  Check out his many beautiful photographs online using keywords: Tony Gentile Reuters.

Students: How did you get your job?

Erich: In 1989 I started shooting my first picture for a local newspaper and a few months later for a news photo agency in Rome.  In those years, I lived in Palermo, the biggest town of Sicily Island, Southern Italy.

Students: Have you ever been proud of your job?  And are you happy with it?

Erich: I'm really happy and proud of my job also because now I work for one of the biggest news agency in the world: Reuters.  And with my job I travel all around the world.

Students: Were you in your childhood interested in photography?

Erich: Yes, I remember that when I was 7 or 8 years old I built the camera with Lego bricks.

Students: What did you want to be when you were a child?

Erich: A doctor.

Students: Which part of Vatican City to you like personally?

Erich: Sistine Chapel.

Students: Thank you very much!

Erich: Thanks to all of you.  I appreciate your job very much.

Imagiverse thanks Tony Gentile and Kim Yang’s Students of the PostProjectTeam for sharing this interview with us.


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