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By strict definition, Europe is not really a continent.  It is part of the larger land mass known as Eurasia.

Climate and temperatures throughout Europe do not vary quite as much as you might find on other continents.  Also, the cultures of Europe are not as different from one another as on other continents, for example: Asia.

Many countries in Europe belong to the European Union.  Most also share a common currency which is great for travelers!

Countries of Europe

Most of the countries of the continent we generally refer to as Europe, reside on the western portion of Eurasia.  A few major countries in Europe are actually islands.  To learn more about some of the countries on the actual continent, click on one of the buttons below.  To learn more about the European Island Nations, click here:

The Netherlands


Vatican City

Geology of Europe

Europe is on the Eurasian plate.    The part of the Earth's crust, upon which the European and Asian continents rest, floats on that hot molten rock layer of the Earth known as the mantle.

Europe has many mountain ranges, canyons and rivers.  The terrain can vary considerably from one part of the continent to another.  There are many different geological features.  Places where people live can be very different indeed.

Climate and Seasons

Depending upon where you live in Europe, you may experience very distinct seasons.  Some places have similar weather year-round.



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