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Gregory H. Johnson 17 January 2007
NASA Astronaut Greg Johnson, is scheduled to fly on space shuttle mission STS-123 early in 2008.  Greg was in Zaragoza, Spain for the scheduled August 27th launch of Atlantis (STS-115), when he agreed to chat with Imagiverse.  He was supporting a Trans-Atlantic Abort Site during the launch.  Unfortunately, schedules and distance prevented us from doing the chat live as we planned but Greg came through for us anyway!

Richard Murphy 10 October 2006
Marine biologist Richard Murphy told 3rd grade students at Trinity Christian School about his exciting summer in the Galapagos and the Amazon, and answered their questions about marine life.

Michelle Mock 11 December 2003
Second grade students in the bilingual English/Spanish classroom at River Glen had their first Imagiverse Chat with Imagiverse co-founder Michelle Mock.  The chat was coordinated by parent, Marc Siegel, who provides information about his first experience on the classroom side of a chat at the end of this transcript.

James Kevlin 12 June 2002
The 3rd and 4th grade students, at Montessori School of Corona, ended the school year with an energetic real-time chat with newspaper editor Jim Kevlin.  Read Jim's answers to questions about anthracite, historical buildings, origin of names and much more.

Stephanie Wong 17 May 2002
Stephanie Wong is an engineering student and co-founder of Imagiverse.  Ms. Ferryman's 4th grade students of the Montessori School of Corona (California, USA) had many questions for Stephanie after reading her biography.  Sixteen students took turns gathering around the computer, five at a time, to ask questions of her.


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