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by Eduardo Gallego
(Translated by Michelle Mock)

My name is Eduardo Gallego and I am the person in charge of the robotics group called COMPLUBOT.  I would like to tell you a little about who we are and what we do.

COMPLUBOT is a non-profit educational project that has been running for three years.  At the present time, we have three levels of robotics for students from 10 to 14 years of age.  COMPLUBOT is a very dynamic operation: annually we host a robotics contest in our center (this year on the 16th of December 2005).  We also participated in a local competition that is called ROBOCAMPEONES, and we have gone to small conferences.  Additionally this year we want to participate in the Junior RoboCup competition that is held in Bremen (Germany).

All this we do it with budget of ZERO.  That is to say, we do not receive any outside funding.  We do it with recycled equipment, some donations and a small fee paid by the students.

Luckily, in the technical aspects we are far better off.  At the present time we have collaborated with the Department of Robotics of the University King Juan Carlos and also we have signed an agreement of collaboration with the University of Joensu (Finland).  Thanks to my professional contacts we have an important number of advisers of all type like the CAB (Center of Astrobiology) or the INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technique) that unofficially assist us and provide direction to us when we need it.

We try to make our page Web a reflection of our activity, but our present pace prevents us from updating its contents at the speed with which we would like.  Our present activities include a small weather station with a data base that has allowed us to design and construct our own sensors.  With the youngest students, we are finishing a Mars Station where we have recreated a part of the Gusev Crater (Spirit robot).  Our main activities involve perfecting our navigation systems: labyrinths, following lines, soccer players…

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11 December 2005

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