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Mathematicians are People Too

Most people either like mathematics... or they don't.  Many have discovered that the more they understand mathematics, the better they like it.  Sometimes they actually ENJOY it!  Yes, math can be fun!  So many things in our everyday life are related to mathematics.  Most of the time if it wasn't for math, we'd be living in the dark ages.  Literally!

Here you can find answers to math questions and everyday math problems.  You can also discover what some of our experts thought about math when they were in school.  In some cases you will be surprised at the field they entered for a career!

Browse through the mathematics questions in our Q&A archive:

Here is an everyday math problem. How far is it to the horizon?

Mathematicians were often misunderstood in history, sometimes mathematicians are not very well understood today.

Who said this?

Use the search at the Imagiverse.ORG home page to see who said each of the following and find out what they do today!

"My favorite subjects in school were math and science because we got to learn all about how and why things in the world work."

"Although my teachers tried, they were not able to make Math or Science real for me."

"Stay in school!!!  Take as many math and science courses as you can."

"I was good at my multiplication tables and long division but I had trouble concentrating on the problems."

"...pure math (geometry, sequences, teasers, etc.) was my passion."

"I hated math.  I just never seemed to get it.  But you know what?  I just kept working at it and one day it just started getting easier."

"I like using math to describe and understand the world (in fact the essence of computer graphics is simulating reality with math and physics!)."

"Memorization of facts has always been hard for me."

"I had a lot of trouble with maths or, to be precise, with arithmetic.  I always found basic calculation a major challenge."

"I became a computer programmer by accident!"

"I would say that Science and Math subjects were the most difficult for me, but not because I didn't like them."

"I loved math and found science very interesting."

"It depended often on the teachers whether I liked or disliked subjects.  But I didn't like math.  Math just didn't appeal to me at that time."

"My day is largely full of theorems, calculations, and obscure concepts that the ordinary layman would not want to touch!"


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23 June 2006

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