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Lotte Aarts 6 June 2010
Lotte Aarts is a free spirt who travels the world at every opportunity.  She currently works as a home health care nurse and loves people, history, animals and the environment.

Edward C. 11 November 2003
Edward C. is a 16-year old student in England.  He has high hopes and dreams and you can find out how he is making his way through boarding school towards the pursuit of his ambitions.

Peter 17 June 2003
Peter is a philosophy student at York University in the United Kingdom.  He plans to enter the field of filmmaking but hasn't limited himself to anything in particular yet.  Peter also suffers from a learning disability that he didn't realize he had until high school.  Find out what strategies have helped him to be a successful student.

Dean Gareth Davis 15 September 2004
Dean Gareth Davis has been told that he is a bit of a dreamer, but he loves "being the underdog in life's game of chance and destiny" and plans to pursue his dreams "by means of [his] drive, passion and determination."

Luis Flores 26 May 2003
Luis Flores is a Theatre Arts student aspiring to put his creative talents to use in a field that has inspired him since childhood.  Read how he has already made some of his childhood dreams become a reality.

Chris Herd 17 September 2003
Chris Herd is Assistant Professor of Mineralogy at the University of Alberta.  Chris is an expert in meteorites, comparing rocks from space with their more earthly counterparts.  Read about how he got interested in planetary geology at an early age, and how "imagination is the root of the creativity that underlies the very foundation of science."

Deidre LaClair 18 January 2003
Deidre LaClair is a geology student at Central Michigan University currently working in planetary research.

Darlene Lim 5 March 2004
Darlene Lim is a geobiologist who studies lakes and ancient lakes, like the ones that might have existed on the planet Mars in the past.  She is currently conducting research at NASA's Ames Research Center, and in her free time, tries to spread the word about science to kids through various outreach projects.

Jessica Lohman 19 June 2010
Jessi Lohman draws upon her experience in social work and law enforcement to help others gain control of their lives and reach for their dreams.  She is also a published author who has two new books soon to be released. In her spare time, she loves to paint.

Dan Maas 5 November 2002
Dan Maas is a computer graphics artist, whose credits include creating NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers animation.  He also started his own company while still in his teens.

Michelle Martín 7 August 2003 (from 13 December 1973)
When sorting through a box of old photographs, Imagiverse Co-founder Michelle Mock stumbled upon an old term paper which turned out to be a series of answers to questions about work and school.  It was as if it had been intentionally written for the Peer Mentors section at Imagiverse!  Read what a very young Michelle had to say about education, plans for the future, computer programming and "asking questions" when she was employed as a 22-year old secretary at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Naomi Nguyen 8 May 2009
Naomi Nguyen is a professional model/actress who is pursuing a law degree.  Upon completion of her studies, she hopes to establish her own law firm dealing with criminal, entertainment, divorce, international, and malpractice matters.

John Palacios 10 May 2004
John Palacios is studying to become an airplane maintenance technician.  He works as an apprentice airplane mechanic when not in school.

Bethany James Leigh Shady 5 May 2010
Bethany Shady is a freelance writer and author of children's books.  While living in Hawaii, she had the opportunity to participate in the ABC television series LOST as an extra.

Stephanie Wong 15 March 2003
Stephanie Wong is Imagiverse's co-founder and webmaster.  She is a mathematics student at the University of Alberta.  Stephanie has a deep interest in space exploration, and had the opportunity to represent NASA at a space shuttle launch.  Read her journals as she went "behind the scenes" at the Kennedy Space Center.

Paulo Younse 19 May 2006
Paulo Younse has a dream job... if he takes you on a tour of his toy shop (i.e., the robotics lab at JPL) you can tell he loves his job!  He can't talk about his work without a large grin on his face.


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