Ocean Drive 101 North
Photo courtesy & copyright
Robert Olszewski and OlszewskiStudios.COM.

Caption by Michelle Mock

From the darker paintings like Saxonburg Carnival, Bob changed his style to the more carefree, sunny style of Ocean Drive 101 North.  I like this particular painting because it evokes in me a sense of relaxation and peace.  I would frequently drive from Southern California to take my young children to visit my sister, and her family, in Central California.  The Southern California freeways can be extremely stressful and driving from Riverside County, through Los Angeles County, I would feel my tension mounting.  Two young children asking "are we there yet?" did not help my mood.  My spirit would start to lift as I reached the crest of the hill overlooking Camarillo, CA.  The ocean was on the horizon and LA County was almost behind me.  When I finally reached the Pacific Ocean at Ventura, a wave of relaxation would hit me.  My children would also begin to enjoy the ride as the smells of salt water and sand reached us.

Many times, on the way home, I would exit the freeway and take the side road along the ocean.  Sometimes we would stop and watch the surfers catch a wave or the sun setting over the ocean.  An occasional Amtrak passenger train or a freight train would rumble pass, much to the enjoyment of my children who would wave to the people on the train.

When I saw this painting in person, I felt that same wave of relaxation that I knew from these trips with my children.


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