Jungle Cruise
Photo courtesy & copyright
Robert Olszewski and OlszewskiStudios.COM.

Caption by Michelle Mock

Robert Olszewski takes you on a jungle cruise into the deepest jungles where, until now, "the hand of man has never set foot".  The hands of this artist recreates half of the World Famous Jungle Cruise.  The only thing missing are the puns!

What happens if you make a wrong turn at Schweitzer Falls?  In order to recreate the Sunken City, Indian Elephant Bathing Pool and the Gorilla Camp, Robert Olszewski had to use a larger scale on this attraction.  The Jungle Cruise is the heaviest and largest of his Disneyland scale models.  Rather than lose the ability to recreate the scenes, Bob gives us a somewhat shorter tour and takes us from the Gorilla Camp back to the dock.


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