United States of America

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States are organized by the order in which they became states.

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 Delaware 1st State Pennsylvania 2nd State New Jersey 3rd State Georgia 4th State Connecticut 5th State
Massachusetts 6th State Maryland 7th State South Carolina 8th State New Hampshire 9th State Virginia 10th State
New York 11th State North Carolina 12th State Rhode Island 13th State Vermont 14th State Kentucky 15th State
Tennessee 16th State Ohio 17th State Louisiana 18th State Indiana 19th State Mississippi 20th State
Illinois 21st State Alabama 22nd State Maine 23rd State Missouri 24th State Arkansas 25th State
Michigan 26th State Florida 27th State Texas 28th State Iowa 29th State Wisconsin 30th State
California 31st State Minnesota 32rd State Oregon 33rd State Kansas 34th State West Virginia 35th State
Nevada 36th State Nebraska 37th State Colorado 38th State North Dakota 39th State South Dakota 40th State
Montana 41st State Washington 42nd State Idaho 43rd State Wyoming 44th State Utah 45th State
Oklahoma 46th State New Mexico 47th State Arizona 48th State Alaska 49th State Hawaii 50th State

Since 2003, Imagiverse has participated in a postcard exchange with classrooms across the United States.

In 2001, the United States Postal Service issued a set of First Class (37 cent) stamps honoring each of the 50 states.  These images are found on individual postcards in the "50 State Postcard Collector's Set" which may still be available at U.S. Post Offices or from collectors.  The back of each postcard features reproductions of the corresponding State Bird and Flower stamp that was issued in 1982.


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