Abraham Lincoln's Vacation

Postcard courtesy of Opera House Crew

June 2, 2006

Hey Opera Crew,
I am here at Walt Disney World (again). I am here at the Hall of Presidents. All my fellow Presidents are here too. I think I'll hang around here for a while. It's been nice catching up with all of them and discussing the state of the Union.

I understand that Steve and Donald are holding down the fort pretty well. Commend them on their good job but remind them not to get too comfortable!
I miss you all!
Abraham Lincoln

Caption: Stars, stripes and Mickey Mouse forever! Celebrate the American ideals of freedom and liberty here at Walt Disney World®. Since the opening of the Resort in 1971, patriotic themes have run throughout the theme parks. At the Magic Kingdom®, discover the Hall of Presidents and meander through colonial streets in Liberty Square. And at Epcot®, commemorate our forefathers at the American Adventure pavilion.


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