Postcard and text courtesy of Dr. Kim Yang and students.
Image © ELAM Art & Cultural Group

Ingrid told Dr. Yang about the “Old Knocker”. In the past, male visitors had to use the right doorknocker, and female visitors had to use the left knocker. The right knocker gives out a heavier sound than the left one. This was to let the women in their house to recognize if the visitor is a man or a woman. If the visitor is a man, they would use a cover for their head.

You probably know it already, that in Iran women have to cover their heads when they walk on the streets. Women in Iran do not cover their complete face. They cover their heads only.

Caption: Abyaneh Village, Old Knocker. Photo: ALI AZARNIA

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Imagiverse and BigAppleTree wish to thank Ingrid for the interview and for the help with Iranian postcards.
Imagiverse sends special thanks across the oceans to Dr. Kim Yang and his students: Carol, Jenny, Judy, Peggy, Winnie and Sunny for sharing Ingrid’s interview and postcards with Imagiverse.


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