The German flag is black and red and yellow.  Can you find it on this postcard?

You can see three important sights of Berlin:

The Brandenburg Gate - which is a symbol for freedom because the wall used to divide Berlin into two parts here between 1945 and 1989.

The Reichstag is where the German parliament meets.  It is famous for the dome where you have a beautiful view around the city centre.  Many tourists go there and there are long queues.

The Olympiastadium - where the last match of the world championship will take place next July.

The river you see on the postcard is the Spree.  There are two big rivers in Berlin: the Havel and the Spree.  Berlin is a very green city with lots of parks and forests and more than 1000 bridges.

3.4 mill. people live here.

All the best from Berlin

year 5/Mrs Joel


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