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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Dear Friends,

As a born Alaskan Native (Aleut-Kodiak) I can tell you, I have never eaten whale, and don't plan to, but many thousands of Alaskans hunt and eat whale meat, it is an important part of their diet.  I catch and eat many hundreds of pounds of salmon and halibut each summer.  Alaska probably grows the biggest and the best cabbages in the world... also, potatoes and spinach.  With 20+ hours of sunlight during the summer - well, you can imagine.  Today is Sunday, July 6th, 5:15 PM, and it's a sweltering 69 degrees.  My dog is nearly dead, and my 3 cats are laid out on the shady side of the deck!  I am sweating like Madrid in July. :-)

Come to Alaska! This is a beautiful place!



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Last Updated:
12 July 2003

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