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Disneyland, California

Do you believe in magic?  I do.

It was February 17, 2003, forty-seven years and seven months to the day after Walt Disney welcomed visitors to Disneyland for the very first time.  It was President's Day 2003, when little Jasmine came to Disneyland with her parents.  She had had a wiggly tooth all day.  Just before stopping in to visit the 16th President of the United States at "The Walt Disney Story featuring A Few Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln", Jasmine's tooth wiggled some more and fell out!  She lost her tooth at Disneyland!

Unfortunately, she really lost it.  It dropped somewhere and, although Jasmine and her parents looked high and low, the tooth was nowhere to be found.  But Jasmine was in luck!  At Disneyland, if you believe hard enough, anything can happen!  And it did!

While Jasmine and her parents were spending a few great moments with Mr. Lincoln, the cast members at the Walt Disney Story decided to help Jasmine find her tooth.  Who better to ask for help than Mickey?!  Unfortunately, the Parade of the Stars was about to begin and Mickey and all his friends were prepared to greet the thousands of people lined up between Town Square and It's a Small World.  So, Mickey said he would pass the word and said to let Jasmine know that she should return after the parade to see if her tooth had been found.

Jasmine and her parents did return.  Mickey, Minnie and several of their friends had signed a little note for Jasmine. Mickey wrote:

"Tinkerbell found your tooth and she is keeping it for good luck!"

Jasmine hugged Goofy and Pluto and, with a beautiful grin, showed them the gap in her mouth where the lucky tooth once sat.

It was, as Abraham Lincoln would have said, "two-score and seven years ago" that Walt Disney welcomed visitors to Disneyland.  If you believe, you too can feel the magic as you walk beneath the bridge and "enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy".

Next time you see the Disneyland fireworks, look to the sky, feel the magic in your heart, and believe!  You might even see Jasmine's tooth!!



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18 February 2003

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