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I am Rebeca Bolanos writing from Costa Rica, my country; I live in a rural community where kids don't have much access to know about the universe, only the clear sky that we have some nights.  I just come to live here one month ago to start an Spanish Institute, but our alter mission is to provide with more opportunities to the people around, specially the young people and kids.  Then we have a Volunteer program to bring people to work here.

I don't have any knowledge about astronomy, but I love to see the sky, the stars, and the planets; and with your help I know that I can learn little things to teach to the kids.

We have a really nice country, our geography is beautiful also, and we have a lot of natural resources, I'm a kid almost 31 year old, and it is so sad that I don't remember any teaching about why to love our nature.  We learn a lot about all the most important geographical places, the biggest mountain, the wider river, the deepest sea... and we don't have a real teaching about our own beautiful little place.

I am always dreaming about that, how can I do to share my feelings about the earth, nature, the space with children, I see how they enjoy the nature, the animals...  How can they always respect this...  How can they learn how to love it...

I know a lot of people know my country, we are so special, we are blessed...

Rebeca Bolanos
Heredia, Costa Rica


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10 January 2004

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