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El Salvador

Dear Friends,

During this week I've had a wonderful experience, since Wednesday I served as a translator (also other kids from my school) to some American people that are part of the Lenscrafters foundation, they came here to Santa Ana to give eye exams and free glasses to people.  We attended more than 16,000 people it has been really wonderful to help all this people, you know my country is really poor and many people don't have money to buy a pair of glasses and they came to help them.  We worked from 7:00am up to 6:00pm everybody was really tired but I feel really good because I "helped" to help other people, well I also lerned many things like how to adjust glasses and I also met wonderful people from the foundation, my feet are still hurting because from Wednesday up to yesterday (Friday) I was standing up for long time helping, and I also many new friends (with the people of Lenscrafters).

Have you hear about Lenscrafters??  They say that is like a big company of glasses, and all the glasses that they brought are recycled.

Today at 7:00pm we have a party at the hotel in which they are staying, all of them are leaving tomorrow to the U.S.

I've had a really busy week but also I feel good because I have helped many people, you feel really good when you put the glasses to one person and he/she says you: Ohh my God how beautiful I see!!!

Liggia M.

[Read more about LensCrafters at: Give the Gift of Sight]


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26 April 2003

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